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Minerals Technologies Launches Enersol® Crop Enhancement Technology in China

June 8, 2015

NEW YORK, NY, June 8, 2015-Minerals Technologies Inc. (NYSE: MTX) recently launched its Enersol® crop enhancement technology in China at a news conference in Beijing with the Chinese news media and influential regional wholesale companies. Enersol®, derived from leonardite, a naturally occurring mineral, is in trials around the world in a variety of crops ranging from corn, soybeans, rice and potatoes.

"We believe there is an excellent growth opportunity with the Enersol® technology and this launch in China, which is a vast agricultural market, is a significant step for Minerals Technologies," said Joseph C. Muscari, chairman and chief executive officer.

Also sponsoring the launch were representatives from Sipcam Crop Science (WuXi) Co., Ltd, a member of Sipcam-OXON Group based in Milan, Italy. Sipcam distributes and provides local technical support for Enersol® across China, as well as for other agrochemicals and fertilizers.  Sipcam-OXON is a top 20 global manufacturer of agricultural products. 

New York-based Minerals Technologies Inc. is a resource- and technology-based growth company that develops, produces and markets worldwide a broad range of specialty mineral, mineral-based and synthetic mineral products and related systems and services. MTI serves the paper, foundry, steel, environmental, energy, polymer and consumer products industries. The company reported sales of $1.725 billion in 2014.

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