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Minerals Technologies Signs Commercial Agreement with North American Paper Company to Deploy FulFill® High Filler Technology

August 7, 2014

Company's Fifth Commercial Agreement for the FulFill® Technology in North America

NEW YORK, August 7, 2014-Minerals Technologies Inc., (NYSE: MTX) announced today that it has signed another commercial agreement with a North American paper company to provide FulFill® E-325 at a paper mill that produces woodfree paper. This marks Minerals Technologies' fifth such agreement in North America for the new, high-filler technology. The paper company wishes to remain unnamed for competitive reasons.

The company now has 17 agreements with paper mills that have adopted the unique FulFill® E-325 technology introduced in late 2010, which provides papermakers significant cost savings in reduced fiber consumption. The FulFill® brand allows papermakers to increase loading levels of precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC), which replaces higher cost pulp, and increases PCC usage.

"We continue to gain ground with paper companies interested in cost savings by replacing expensive fiber with more PCC," said Joseph C. Muscari, chairman and chief executive officer. "We are very pleased that this paper company has adopted our technology, which further verifies its effectiveness and our commitment to advance our technological leadership with papermakers around the globe. We now have commercial agreements with papermakers in Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America and South Africa and are actively engaged with an additional 21 paper mills worldwide."

PCC is a specialty pigment for filling and coating high-quality paper. By substituting Minerals Technologies' PCC for more expensive wood fiber, customers are able to produce brighter, higher quality paper at lower cost. In 1986, Minerals Technologies originated the satellite concept for making and delivering PCC on-site at paper mills and the concept was a major factor in revolutionizing papermaking in North America. Today, the company has 58 satellite plants in operation or under construction around the world and continues to lead the industry with consistent quality and technical innovation.

New York-based Minerals Technologies Inc. is a resource- and technology-based growth company that develops, produces and markets worldwide a broad range of specialty mineral, mineral-based and synthetic mineral products and related systems and services. MTI serves the paper, foundry, steel, environmental, energy, polymer and consumer products industries.

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