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Minerals Technologies Develops New, Faster Laser Measuring System for Hot Refractory Linings in the Worldwide Steel Industry

August 17, 2012

NEW YORK, August 17-Minerals Technologies Inc. (NYSE: MTX) announced today that it has introduced a new, fourth generation Lacam® laser measurement system for use in the worldwide steel industry that is 17 times faster than the previous version. This new technology provides the fastest and most accurate laser scanning for hot surfaces available today. The new Lacam® system was developed by Ferrotron, a division of Minteq International Inc., which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Minerals Technologies Inc.  Ferrotron is a leader in industrial laser-technology.

The LaCam® Laser measurement system provides non-contact measurement of refractory linings under high-heat conditions in metallurgical reaction and transport vessels such as basic oxygen converters, ladles and electric arc furnaces in the worldwide steel industry. Rapid scanning by a pulsed laser beam delivers a 3D picture of the vessel's inner surface within a few seconds that provides information about the residual thickness and wear of the refractory lining. In addition, the system determines the volume and steel-bath-level of the vessel. The LaCam® technology is available as a mobile cart-system or as a fixed installed measurement system.

"This fourth generation of the LaCam®laser measurement system provides scan rates 17 times faster than the former model due to a higher laser-pulse repetition rate of 300,000 points per second. The faster speed, combined with an extended scanning field, is a 38-percent improvement against current laser-technology, and offers steel makers the capability to scan an entire converter vessel in less than three minutes with almost four million collected measuring points," said Han Schut, Vice President and Managing Director, Minteq International Inc.

The new Lacam® system's reduced laser-beam diameter allows improved detection of small cracks, joints and holes in the refractory surface of converter vessels or steel-casting ladles. The system's newly developed signal-echo digitization with full waveform analysis provides measurements that are less sensitive to smoke and dust, which leads to improved measuring results even in the worst environments.

"The results calculated with the millions of collected data points provide a reliable way of inspecting a vessel at minimum time consumption," said Rolf Lamm, Global Equipment Director, Ferrotron. "The advanced possibilities of evaluation allow a wide range of presentations, from simple tabular reporting up to a virtual walk-through of configurable 3D images. In addition to improved safety, this patented technology provides a huge savings in refractory and maintenance costs for a steel manufacturer."

Minerals Technologies Inc. is a global resource- and technology-based growth company that develops, produces and markets worldwide a broad range of specialty mineral, mineral-based and synthetic mineral products and related systems and services. The company recorded sales of $1.04 billion in 2011.

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