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MTI China Facility Ranks No. 1 in Important Green Mine Selection Program

March 9, 2023

MTI is proud of making good on our Sustainability commitments around the world. Recently, our Dongming, China facility ranked No. 1 amongst 28 companies in the Liaoning Province Green Mine Selection Program.

Green Mine is a policy set by the China Ministry of Natural Resources to drive green mining development.  The program ranks companies based on extensive requirements that focus on:

  • sustainable utilization of resources
  • energy saving
  • emission reduction
  • technological innovation—including new technologies in resource development and utilization, environmental protection, energy conservation, emission reduction, etc., as well as digital resources and reserves models
  • social responsibility and company culture

Our Dongming plant is the first bentonite company in the region to receive this recognition, setting a new, higher standard for the industry to implement green mining practices. 

Mining Pit and Road

Mining Pit and Road Before
Mining Pit and Road After

The terrain was levelled by removing a steep slope, roads were repaired, and a drainage capability was added along the main road.


Reclamation Before
Reclamation After

About 1 hectare of pit was backfilled and reclaimed, both waste rock and soil were stripped from own mines.
The water in the pit is now being used for processing and greening.

Waste Dump

Waste Dump Before
Waste Dump After

The waste dump’s slope was reshaped and greenery planted, retaining walls were built to stop slope movement and used sandbags to avoid water and soil loss.